Pendant necklace that makes a difference in coordination

Rediscover the charm of pendant necklaces. Add it to a simple T-shirt or shirt style to broaden your styling options.

デイリーからお出かけまで使えるJENNY BIRDのジュエリー

JENNY BIRD jewelry for everyday and going out

Jenny Bird jewelry is a favorite of celebrities. Featuring items that are perfect for both daily wear and going out, broaden your styling horizons.


Men's style with gold-colored charm

Introducing gold items that are easy to incorporate into everyday use. Techniques to make simple outfits look elegant.


Enjoy every day with waterproof jewelry

Long-lasting beauty! Waterproof jewelry for early summer. Stay stylish in the rainy season with Luv AJ's waterproof jewelry.


Necklace layering techniques

Stay stylish even in the hot summer months! Show your individuality by layering necklaces.

Jewelry in metallic colors

Shining seasonal accents in metallic colors

Metallic colors, a hot trend for spring/summer 2024, add glamour to styling.


Chunky chains for an attractive street coordinate

Chunky chains give your street style a new look. Sophisticated jewelry forcoordinates with depth and individuality.


Check out the A-list celebrity favorite jewelry!

Check out spring jewelry trends! Celebrity Favorite Items!


Men's Jewelry for Spring

Men's jewelry is perfect for spring. Add a fresh touch of style with a sage green or vintage cognac bracelet.


A New Season Begins with Heart

Heart-motif jewelry to brighten up the spring. Clothed with love and tenderness, start the new year.

Louise Damasのコミットメント

Louise Damas Commitment

French jewelry brand Louise Damas presents its sustainable approach. The brand uses recycled materials and RJC-certified gold.