AXENT carries a carefully selected collection of necklaces from around the world. On each product page, we use INCH andCM sizing. Men's and women's neck circumference sizes tend to differ, so please use the guide below to select the most appropriate size.

Length INCH Length CM Female Average Male Average
14 35.5
16 40.5
18 46 ◎ 
20 51 ◎ 
22 56
24 61 ◎ 
◉ is for chokers,◎ is for necklaces

Size image

レディース - ネックレスサイズイメージ

メンズ - ネックレスサイズイメージ
Size may vary from person to person.

How to know your neck circumference size

There are two main ways to find out your necklace or choker size. One is to measure your neck circumference directly and the other is to measure the length of a necklace you already own.

1.How to measure your neck circumference

 Case 1:Using paper

    1. Wrap a piece of evenly cut paper around your neck.
    2. Make a mark on the overlapping part.
    3. Measure the length of the paper with a ruler (in centimeters) based on the mark.

 Case 2:Use a measuring tape

  • Use a measuring tape to measure the exact neck circumference.

 Case 3:Use the width of the bottoms as a reference

  • The width of bottoms is often considered to be close to the neck circumference. It can be used as a simple guide.

 Case 4:Check the size tag on a shirt

  • Size tag on a man's shirt (e.g., 39/82), where 39 indicates the neck circumference.

2. How to measure size using an existing necklace

 Case:Measure the length of a necklace

  • Measure the length of the necklace from one end to the opposite end (including the clasp) with a tape measure. This method is especially useful for gift selection.

*Notes on choosing a necklace

 Sizing by design

Necklaces with thick designs or thick chains may feel shorter than their actual length. For such designs, we recommend choosing a slightly longer size.

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