Designer: Kazuyoshi Saito

Born in Tokyo in 1985. After graduating from Nippon Design College, his talent accelerated. After working for several companies, he eventually developed his outstanding talent as an art director and graphic designer for a variety of projects centered on advertising.

Hair salon MILA Logo

Hair salon MILA / Logo mark design

He aims to merge the boundaries between the digital and the physical, and his designs focus on providing a deep experience, not just aesthetics.

His track record shows his talent in a wide range of projects, including corporate advertising for Mitsubishi Electric Software and coloring the rebranding and launch of a new brand for Kimuraya Sohonten.



His creativity is also highly regarded on a personal level. His taste shines especially bright in the world of music, where he has created album jackets for artist YOASOBI, artwork for GReeeeN, and tour goods for 7ORDER.

GReeeeN / たけてんやAkariのアートワークの制作
Creation of artwork for GReeeeN / Taketen and Akari

Kazuyoshi Saito is a graphic designer to watch, and his worldview continues to show the possibilities of ever-evolving design.

Kazuyoshi Saito Profile (external link )

November 08, 2023

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