With the arrival of autumn, you may have finished changing your clothes. Why not take this opportunity to update your jewelry selection to fall specifications?

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In this issue, we would like to introduce men's jewelry that matches with autumnal cloaks, picked up according to each scene.

1. open-fronted shirts & jackets: 50cm-60cm necklaces

A necklace of 50cm to 60cm is the best for decorating the chest area when wearing a shirt. It will act as a subtle accent.

Wolf Circus - Evan ネックレス

Wolf Circus - Evan necklace

2. with a closed shirt and jacket: pendant necklace of around 45 cm

A necklace that can be glimpsed from under a jacket that is closed up to the top is an unexpectedly stylish point. The best size is 45cm for a neck circumference of about 40cm.

Dear Letterman - Wala ネックレス
Dear Letterman -Wala necklace

3. sweaters and cardigans: 50cm chain necklace

A slightly thicker chain necklace of about 50 cm is perfect for a voluminous knit top. It is subtle, but gives off a strong presence.

Miansai - 6.5mm Cuban チェーンネックレス

Miansai - 6.5mm Cuban chain necklace

4. a change to a rough hoodie: a 60cm pendant necklace

A necklace goes well with a hoodie too! A large pendant on a 60cm chain shifts the look from casual to sophisticated.

Miansai - Dove ネックレス

Miansai - Dove pendant necklace

These are just a few of the suggestions; AXENT offers a wide range of men's jewelry so you can find your favorites. Stay tuned for the next issue!

October 20, 2023

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