When it comes to spring and summer street style, T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers like Nikes and Jordans are the staples. However, adding jewelry to these basic items can bring additional depth and character to the style.

Chunky chain necklace for street style

 Of particular note is the "chunky chain," influenced by 90s hip-hop styles. This item, coupled with the current oversized fashion trend, is once again at the forefront of fashion. In this issue, we will take a closer look at chunky chains with their unique and diverse designs.

1. the Transit necklace

 This classically designed curved chain necklace is 13mm wide and exquisitely sized.It matches with any street style coordinate.

VITALY - Transit チェーンネックレス

VITALY - Transit chain necklace

2. xiico necklace

 The Xiico necklace is perfect for an edgy street look. The angular links and unique handmade texture add sophistication to the look and make it stand out from the crowd.

MARTINE ALI - Xiico チェーンネックレス

MARTINE ALI - Xiico chain necklace

3. luluu cuban chain necklace

 With a width of 16mm, this necklace has an overwhelming presence and is individually handmade in Brooklyn of brass with a sterling silver finish. Its heft and brilliance will attract the attention of people on the street.

MARTINE ALI - Luluu キューバンチェーンネックレス

MARTINE ALI -Luluu Cuban chain necklace

4. oblong choker

 With its genderless appeal, this choker with oval links is adjustable up to 44 cm. The versatility of fastening it in the desired position allows it to be styled freely as a necklace, choker, or bracelet.

IN MOOD - Oblong チョーカー
IN MOOD - Oblong チョーカー

IN MOOD - Oblong choker

 Adding a bold piece of jewelry will further polish your street style. Stay tuned for the next issue!

April 16, 2024

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