We can already feel the arrival of early summer in these pleasant days. After Golden Week is over, some of you are probably already planning your summer vacations.


After a mild May, the rainy season will arrive, and this time we would like to introduce some of Luv AJ's water proof jewelry that can be used with confidence even in such a season!

1. Capri wire hoop earrings

 Bold size and thinness. The simple hoop design adds sophistication to any outfit and sets it apart from the rest.


Luv Aj - Capri wire hoop earrings

2. cecilia chain necklace

 Upgrade your usual styling with this elegant two-strand chain necklace! It has a resort-like cozy feel and just the right amount of glamour.

Luv Aj -  Cecilia チェーンネックレス

Luv Aj - Cecilia chain necklace

Baby Amalfi Tube Hoop Earrings

 These iconic earrings are perfect for everyday style and any occasion. The exquisite size and design will never get old.

Luv Aj -  Baby Amalfi チューブ フープピアス

Luv Aj -Baby Amalfi T ube Hoop Earrings

 Luv AJ jewelry is certainly waterproof, but its beauty will last longer if you keep it away from water, lotions, sunscreen, and perfume. Once you find your favorite, you should cherish and love it for a long time just like any other piece of jewelry!

May 13, 2024

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