It's getting all warmer and we miss layering clothes. However, summer layering tends to be harsh at times due to the heat.


Here are some ideas for layering necklaces for the more fashion-conscious, which really come into their own when you are down to just a T-shirt.

1. pendant necklace + chain necklace

 The combination of a Miansai pendant necklace and a Maple chain necklace. The length, width, and design are exquisitely different, creating a sophisticated look.

MIANSAI - Mini Dove ペンダントネックレス MAPLE - Bar Curb チェーンネックレス

2. Chain necklace + Chain necklace

 For an understated yet sophisticated look, layer chains of different lengths. The calculated size of the chains will enhance your fashion sense and give off an intellectual appeal.

MIANSAI - 3mm Cuban チェーンネックレス MIANSAI - 6.5mm Cuban チェーンネックレス

3. chunky chain + chunky chain

 For a more gorgeous style, we recommend layering thicker chains. With its wrapper-like presence, it is sure to catch the eye anywhere.

MARTINE ALI - XIICO chain necklace
MARTINE ALI - LULUU chain necklace

4. double chain necklace

 Two chains are combined from the start, making it easy to complete a fashionable look. It is also very cost-effective and recommended for those who want to quickly adopt the trend.

VITALY - Kabel ダブルチェーンネックレス

VITALY - Kabel double chain necklace

 Layered necklaces look great with simple coordinates. This summer, take advantage of the heat and have fun experimenting with layering necklaces in your own unique way. Please look forward to my next fashion column!

May 07, 2024

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