As the winter months grow colder, the appeal of leather items becomes more apparent. Often used in items such as boots, wallets, and business card holders, leather is also an attractive material for jewelry. Leather is easy to blend in with the skin and has the property of changing over time.


In this issue, we will introduce the design and style of leather bracelets, focusing on Miansai's products.

1. Nexus leather bracelet

This is a classic Miansai item made of genuine Italian leather. It features a simple yet sophisticated sterling silver button closure, and its classic, minimalist look blends naturally with everyday simple fashion.

Miansai - Nexus レザーブレスレット
Miansai - Nexus leather bracelet

2. Atlas leather bracelet

The Atlas bracelet, woven from fine Italian leather, is a true Miansai classic. The soft texture of the high-quality leather fits comfortably on the wrist. The matte silver toggle-style clasp is understated yet modern, and goes well with street and military styles, as well as leather boots.

Miansai - Atlas レザーブレスレット
Miansai - Atlas leather bracelet

3. single trice bracelet

This bracelet is made of flat woven Italian cowhide leather and features a sterling silver hook closure. It is sleek, yet strong enough to be worn alone, and pairs beautifully with American casual styles.

Miansai - Single Trice ブレスレット
Miansai - Single Trice Bracelet

4 . orson loop leather bracelet

Unlike the braided design, this bracelet is made of two strands of shiny leather and features a curved sterling silver clasp for a modern look. Minimalism and sophistication combine to make this bracelet a natural fit for modesty and formal wear.

Orson Loop レザーブレスレット Miansai - Orson Loop leather bracelet

There are many different types of leather items available, and as I write this article, I am thinking of getting one new one myself. Stay tuned for the next installment!

December 26, 2023

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