While silver-colored jewelry is the standard when it comes to jewelry, gold-tone items are sometimes the best choice, depending on skin tone and attire. However, due to its brilliance and presence, gold jewelry tends to look a little too flashy if worn in the wrong way.


For example, large chains and layering can create a style with presence like Bling Bling (Bling Bling /B.G. feat. Hot Boyz & Big Tymers), but for this article, we will introduce gold items that can be easily incorporated into everyday wear.

1. ID chain bracelet

 Gold chains may seem flashy, but this bracelet is accented with an ID plate for a stylish look. Pair it with a beige shirt and chinos for a casual yet sophisticated color balance.

Miansai - 3mm ID チェーンブレスレット

Miansai - 3mm ID chain bracelet

2. organic hoop earrings

 These gold hoop earrings have a unique design with natural irregularities applied by hand. The slight irregularities in the slender hoop reflect a lot of light, giving the slender design a unique shine. These popular hoop earrings are unique and perfect for everyday use.

Wolf Circus - Organic フープピアス

Wolf Circus - Organic hoop earrings

3. cruz leather bracelet

 This bracelet has a perfect color balance between brown leather and gold vermeil. The two colors give an elegant and sophisticated impression, instantly adding glamour and sophistication to your outfit.

Miansai - Cruz レザーブレスレット

Miansai - Cruz leather bracelet

 Gold items go great with brown and khaki outfits. Enjoy your own personal gold coordinate while looking at the clothes in your closet!

May 21, 2024

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