Design, Style, and Cultural Background

In this issue, we focus on piercings for women and their appeal and convenience. Earrings that do not easily come off can be worn while exercising or sleeping, making them ideal for busy women. While also delving into cultural backgrounds from around the world, we will introduce a wide range of coordinating examples, from simple designs to large ones. Let's enjoy the charm of earrings to the fullest!


WOLF CIRCUS - Remy earrings

 In other countries, children also enjoy wearing earrings. In India, ear piercing ceremonies are held in infancy to pray for health and prosperity. In Latin America, girls pierce their ears at a few months of age to symbolize femininity and beauty. Children in Africa and Western countries (the U.S. and Europe) also enjoy piercing. Influenced by local cultures, religions, and family values, earrings have diverse meanings and roles in addition to fashion.

Squiggle ピアス

WOLF CIRCUS - Squiggle earrings

 Furthermore, earrings can be used for both casual and formal occasions. Simple designs are suitable for office style, while large and glamorous designs look good for special events. Colorful beads and natural stones are recommended for everyday use, while pearls are perfect for casual wear.

左が LuvLoops - Lily ミニパールピアス   右が WOLF CIRCUS - Paige ピアス

On the left is LuvLoops - Lily mini pearl earrings

/ Right: WOLF CIRCUS - Paige earrings

Pierced earring designs and coordination examples

  Earrings come in a variety of designs, from simple to large, allowing you to enjoy a unique style.

1, Simple earrings

 Simple earrings are made of small diamonds or pearls and go well with office and everyday coordinates. For example, small diamond earrings can be added to a business casual style of a white blouse and black pants to create a subtle, elegant look.

左が Studio Adorn - 9Kゴールドミニスタッズピアス 右が Studio Adorn - 9Kゴールドバーピアス On the left is Studio Adorn - 9K gold mini stud earrings

/ On the right is Studio Adorn - 9K gold bar earrings

2, Large earrings

 Large earrings have a strong presence and are ideal for glamorous events and parties. Wearing large crystal or colored stone earrings with a long black dress adds an extra touch of glamour.

Arianna フラットフープピアス

WOLF CIRCUS - Arianna Pierced Earrings

3, Cartilage piercing

 Not only the earlobe, but also the cartilage can be pierced, allowing for a variety of designs and styles. You can enjoy accessories in various positions, such as the helix (the contoured part of the ear) and tragus (the protruding part in front of the ear hole), and create your own unique style.

3, Combination with multi-piercings

 You can enjoy layering by combining earlobe piercings with ear cuffs or cartilage part piercings. For example, small hoop or bar-shaped earrings in the earlobes and simple diamond earrings in the cartilage area can be added to create a unique and fashionable look.

REE - イヤーカフ Wolf Circus - Etta パールフープピアス

REE - Ear cuff Wolf Circus

/Etta pearl hoop earrings

Finally, care is also important in enjoying pierced earrings. Regular disinfection and piercing replacement can reduce the risk of infection and allergies. Earrings, with their diverse designs and styles, have become mainstream overseas and are loved by many women. They are also popular with children and are attracting attention as an accessory that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. Earrings are useful in a wide range of situations, from casual to formal.

We hope this article has helped you to appreciate the appeal of pierced earrings, and we at AXENT will continue to provide you with great jewelry information in the future. Please look forward to it!

April 28, 2023

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