The cold weather has eased up and the days are becoming more comfortable. It is time to take off the heavy coats and enjoy coordinating spring-like outfits!

Jewelry in metallic colors

Metallic items are one of the hottest trends for spring and summer. Not only shoes and bags, but many items of clothing also incorporate metallic colors. So, in this issue, we introduce some recommended jewelry to go with metallic silver.

1. Sylvie necklace

 A simple thin snake chain gives this necklace a sophisticated shine. It is a versatile item that blends well with any style.

WOLF CIRCUS - Sylvie ネックレス

WOLF CIRCUS - Sylvie necklace

2. mini Molten stud earrings

 These stud earrings feature natural curves like cherry blossom petals. The matte texture goes perfectly with metallic silver.

STUDIO ADORN - Mini Molten スタッズピアス

STUDIO ADORN - Mini Molten stud earrings

3.Grain Shaven ring

 This ring with an artistic presence is a fashionable unisex design. The perfect balance of design allows it to be the star of a coordinated look.

REE - Grain Shaven リング

REE - Grain Shaven ring

4. herringbone bracelet

The flat silhouette of this bracelet reflects light beautifully. The trendy design with a metallic feel gives the bracelet a sophisticated look.

WOLF CIRCUS - Herringbone ブレスレット

WOLF CIRCUS - Herringbone bracelet

We will continue to offer jewelry recommendations based on various themes. We hope you will find some of them useful!

by CHC

April 24, 2024

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