Understated yet sophisticated (Understatement ), matte-finished jewelry is a must-have for minimalists and gentlemen.

The polished surface does not reflect 100% of the light, giving it an understated yet unique shine.Its rough texture gives an impression of sophistication, but it also has the practical appeal of being scratch-resistant.

Here are some jewelry pieces that are unique yet understated.

1. 3mm ID Chain Bracelet

A Miansai classic, this bracelet features a matte-finished ID plate and a sharp 3mm wide chain. Despite its unique design, the matte finish brings a sophisticated look.

Miansai - 3mm IDブレスレット

Miansai - 3mm ID bracelet

2. azam necklace

Featuring an oval matte finish pendant, the Azam necklace is handcrafted by artisans using wax casting. The classic pendant blends with a modern spike chain for an understated yet distinctive look.

Dear Letterman - Azam ネックレス

Dear Letterman - Azam necklace

3. Singular Cuff

 This cuff has a unique presence in men's jewelry. 5mm wide, yet the matte finish gives it a subdued look. The urban and stylish design is loved by men of all ages.

Miansai - Singular カフ
Miansai - Singular cuff

4. wali ring

The Wali ring features a semi-polished oval plate. This minimalist handmade ring is a shield motif that serves as a guardian of precious objects and a mirror of self-reflection.

Dear Letterman - Wali リング

Dear Letterman - Wali Ring

Whether you don't normally wear jewelry orwant to express your individuality, matte jewelry is an easy choice to incorporate . With under-statement jewelry,you can subtly bring out your glamour.

January 23, 2024

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