Jewelry is not only for women.

 In Japan, it is still sometimes felt that it is unusual for men to wear jewelry, but in fact, men can benefit greatly from wearing jewelry in fashion and self-expression.

In this article, we will introduce the benefits of men wearing jewelry in four key areas, and discuss the trend toward jewelry among men in Japan, as well as the attitudes of different age groups.


 Recently, men's interest in jewelry has been growing in Japan, and it has become popular among the younger generation, especially those in their teens and twenties. It has become common for them to utilize jewelry as a part of fashion and self-expression, and to wear trend-oriented designs and unique jewelry. They choose jewelry based on their own values and enjoy it as fashion. Fashion styles incorporating international trends are also on the rise, and more and more people are incorporating jewelry into their casual coordination.

On the other hand, many people wear bracelets and watches with simple designs in business situations. Simple metal pins and cufflinks are also fashionable accents. Jewelry that is too flashy is often not preferred in business settings, so it is important to keep a good degree of moderation in mind. It is important that the design be simple and the materials be of high quality. Some men also wear jewelry with special meaning, such as wedding rings. These tend to be seen in all age groups.

It is sometimes felt that few Japanese men wear jewelry to coordinate their outfits, and this is thought to be because many Japanese culture and customs still discourage men from wearing ornaments.

Historically, however, men in the past also wore jewelry. In ancient Egypt and Rome, royalty and people of high rank were known to wear luxurious jewelry. In the 20th century, men's jewelry became more simple.

The advantages of men wearing jewelry are divided into four main points.


1. It enhances the impression.

When men wear jewelry, they make a greater impression. For example, wearing a necklace can make the neck look more gorgeous and can be used as a fashion accent. Also, wearing a ring gives the impression of sophistication to the hand.

2. Easier self-expression

Jewelry can also be used as a means of self-expression. Wearing an item that reflects your favorite style or hobby makes it easier to express yourself. For example, wearing a leather bracelet allows you to enjoy fashion that matches your casual style.


3, Wider range of coordination

Wearing jewelry can expand the range of coordination. Matching jewelry with simple outfits will increase the level of fashion. For example, a necklace can add an accent to a seemingly simple plain T-shirt or shirt.

4. Increased confidence

When men wear jewelry, their confidence can increase. Feeling oneself fashionable can boost self-confidence. They also feel more appreciated by those around them, which makes them more confident in their actions.


When a man wears jewelry, his impression of himself is affected by many factors.

Factors such as style, personality, sophistication, and even financial power can affect a man's impression. What is important, however, is how he wears the jewelry and how he incorporates it into his own personal style.

Be proactive in incorporating jewelry to bring out your unique charm. If you are unsure of your jewelry choices, look to fashion magazines and Instagram for inspiration.

It will become more and more common for men to enjoy jewelry freely in the future.

We at AXENT will continue to bring you information on men's jewelry selection and coordination in the future, so please look forward to it!

April 15, 2023

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