Are you looking for a great piece of jewelry to bring in the New Year? If so, you will surely find your favorites among the jewelry presented here. Make 2024 your best year yet with a piece of jewelry that will be like a sparkling sidekick!

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After Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, we are now in the midst of New Year's parties and New Year's events. You got new clothes at the New Year's sales, but they tend to be similar in color and design. In such a case, we recommend you to change your impression with jewelry. The same outfit can have a completely different look depending on the accessories you choose.

1. Small Remy Hoop Earrings by Wolf Circus

These earrings have a cute, chunky design. The modest size makes them easy to match with a variety of outfits, and they add an elegant glamour to both simple and formal outfits. I often wear these myself, and I love them so much that I end up picking them up.

Wolf Circus - Remyピアス

Wolf Circus - Remy earrings

2. Gia Bangle by Jenny Bird

The impactful Jenny Bird bangle is perfect for New Year's events. On days when you choose to wear a stylish sheer piece of clothing under a solid outer layer, this bangle will complete your look.

Gia バングル(Jenny Bird)

Jenny Bird - Gia bangle

3. Georgia chain necklace by Louise Damas

For those who are a little hesitant about bold chain necklaces, this one is for you. The flat links blend in with the skin, creating a soft and classy vibe in the midst of boldness.

Georgia チェーンネックレス(Louise Damas)

Louise Damas - Georgia Chain Necklace

This year's zodiac sign, the dragon, is the only imaginary creature in the zodiac. Why not start the new year in style with free inspiration? Stay tuned for the next issue!

January 02, 2024

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