How are you doing in these cold days? I am reminded once again that even though the days may not look the same, every moment of them is irreplaceable.


 Looking back on January, I realize that February came in the blink of an eye. I find myself choosing the same kind of clothes every day and feeling somewhat down. This is the time to make a little change in your style and try to incorporate this year's hottest trends such as 70's style and spiritual motifs.

1. Georgia Small Hoop Earrings

 These elegant earrings stand out for their beautiful curves. The retro design matches any outfit and is recommended for jewelry beginners.

Louise Damas - Georgia スモールフープピアス

Louise Damas - Georgia small hoop earrings

2. the Gyptis Medal Necklace

 The design of this necklace captures the beauty of the sea. If you are longing for a sophisticated style with just the right amount of individuality, this is the necklace for you!
Louise Damas - Gyptis メダルネックレス

Louise Damas - Gyptis medal necklace

3. amalfi tube hoop earrings

 These earrings combine presence and elegance. Although large in size, the design is minimalistic and can be worn for a long time.

Amalfi チューブフープピアス

Luv Aj - Amalfi Tube Hoop Earrings

We hope that these styling tips will help you enjoy a brighter and more joyful 2024!

February 09, 2024

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