As the winter chill sets in, it's time to wrap yourself in warmer clothing. When you roll up your sleeves, cover your neck, and go out in your wool jacket, do you ever feel like you are missing something? That feeling may come from the trees shedding their leaves or the leaves falling.

But the real reason may be simpler. It is the lack of jewelry. When you feel that your winter outfit lacks glamour, jewelry is the answer. In this issue, we will introduce some attractive rings that match winter outfits. Just by subtly adding jewelry to your fingertips, you can create a sophisticated style.

1. the Miansai ring

Inspired by the signet ring, this design is suitable for everyday use. Its sophisticated and minimalist form blends in with any fashion.

Miansai - Thin Geo %u30EA%u30F3%u30B0

Miansai - Thin Geo ring

2. maple ring

A set of four independent rings that can be split and divided into two hands or styled as desired.

Maple - Stackable リング

Maple - Stackable Ring

3. Dear Letterman ring

This Australian coin ring is made by recasting centuries-old precious coins. The perfectly imperfect shape gives it a unique charm and will be a talisman to bring good luck to its owner.

Dear Letterman - Ahdeem リング
Dear Letterman - Ahdeem ring

4.Ree ring

This ring features a bold cut cross-section. It has a strong presence and can stand out in any coordination.

Ree - Grain Shavenリング

Ree - Grain Shaven ring

It's the cold season, and jewelry can add depth to your style and create a sophisticated look. Please look forward to our next article!

November 30, 2023

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