With the arrival of spring comes the season of changing colors of flowers and warm breezes. The contents of your closet will be renewed for the new year, and you will be eager to incorporate new items into your wardrobe. If you find yourself missing the same style as last spring, add a fresh vibe to your outfit with some spring jewelry.


  In this issue, we feature bracelets that are perfect for spring styling. Bracelets that can be subtly shown off when you roll up your arms or from your sleeves will add a sophisticated look to your style.

1. sage green rope bracelet

 Sage green is a yellowish green with a slight grayish tinge. While deep green khaki is the most common color in fall and winter, this subdued sage green blends in with blooming flowers in spring and summer. It will successfully create a sense of the season.

Miansai - Snap ロープブレスレット

Miansai - Snap rope bracelet

2. vintage cognac loop bracelet

 A reddish-brown natural earth color, cognac is named after the brandy produced in the region of the same name in France. It is the perfect item to combine with the classic spring colors of beige and ivory.

Miansai - Orson Loop レザーブレスレット ヴィンテージコニャック

Miansai - Orson Loop leather bracelet

3. silver Figaro chain bracelet

 An elegant figaro chain with two different types of links. This bracelet is as glamorous as flowers blooming in spring.

Miansai - Figaro チェーンブレスレット

Miansai - Figaro Chain Bracelet

 Don't forget to update your jewelry as well as your clothes! A little accent can turn your spring styling into something more sophisticated. Let's spend spring in comfort.

April 02, 2024

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