What kind of necklaces do you own? Chain necklaces are all the rage these days, but this time we will focus on pendant necklaces, which have universal appeal.

A pendant necklace is an item with a top dangling from a chain. Their designs are diverse, ranging from symbols of friendship and love to animals, fruits, natural stones, and more.

They can be added to a simple plain T-shirt as a point of interest, or tucked into the chest of a shirt. It is also great to casually show it off through a polo shirt or wear it inside a T-shirt as a talisman.

Pendant necklaces have a charm that cannot be expressed by chain necklaces. Find your favorite pendant necklace as an item that broadens the range of your coordination.

1. matin necklace

 This pendant necklace has a traditional square motif. It is a perfect fusion of the past and the present, and its presence is meant to be a beacon, like the North Star.

DEAR LETTERMAN / Matin ネックレス

DEAR LETTERMAN / Matin necklace

2. mini Dove necklace

 Miansai's pendant necklace with a dove motif. The dove is a symbol of peace from the story of Noah's Ark. The unique design of the pendant overlapping a small coin with the logo engraved on it is very attractive.

MIANSAI / Mini Dove ネックレス

MIANSAI / Mini Dove necklace

3. aysa necklace

A pendant necklace with a key motif. The key has a meaning of the beginning of a new adventure or an invitation to an unknown journey. It may be the key to the future you envision.


DEAR LETTERMAN / Aysa necklace

There are many pendant necklaces with this motif, but Dear Letterman's necklace in particular uses ambiguous expressions so that the wearer can freely find the meaning. It is up to you to believe or not!

by K.G.

June 04, 2024

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