Necklaces" are indispensable jewelry for summer coordination.

There are a wide variety of necklaces that match various styles, and we have selected three types: chain necklaces, pendant necklaces, and chunky chain necklaces, and will explain their features and how to wear them in detail.

Chain Necklaces.

First up is the "chain necklace," a symbol of the modern trend. In the past, chain necklaces were generally worn as a set with a pendant top, but recently, chain necklaces by themselves have been attracting attention. From slender, understated designs to unique designs, they are useful as an accent that looks great with casual tops.

左が All Blues - String ネックレス(60cm)右が Maple - Bar カーブチェーンネックレス(50cm)

Left: All Blues - String necklace (60cm)

Right: Maple - Bar Curved Chain Necklace (50cm)

A shorter necklace is good for a top-in outfit, while a length of about 60 cm is orthodox for a rough look with the top out. If you are an advanced fashionista, layering two necklaces or combining a chain necklace with a pendant necklace will also enhance your individuality.

レイヤリング例 - 52cmと62cm

Layering example - 52 cm and 62 cm

Pendant necklace

Next up is the "pendant necklace. Ideal for collared tops, the way it casually peeks out from around the neck is sophisticated. Also, we recommend wearing the long pendant necklace with a front-opening shirt. Just by adding a pendant necklace to a rough styling, it instantly changes the look to one of sophistication. To complement the pendant necklace, a plain top is the best partner.

左が Dear Letterman - Nadir ネックレス(45cm)  右が Miansai - Dove ネックレス(60cm)

Left: Dear Letterman - Nadir necklace (45 cm)

Right: Miansai - Dove necklace (60 cm)

Chunky Chain

Last but not least is the striking "Chunky Chain Necklace." Chunky" means "big" or "chunky," and this item is larger than a regular chain necklace, giving it a strong presence. Often seen in hip-hop and punk styles, these items emphasize a unique style and have an unusual presence. In recent years, as a fashion trend, it has been released by various designer brands and has attracted a great deal of attention. It is the perfect piece to coordinate with street style and oversized, trendy outfits.

Martine Ali - Jeena ネックレス

Martine Ali - Jeena necklace

Finally, the standard necklace length for men is about 60 cm, but recently shorter lengths of about 50 cm are also attracting attention. In addition, choker-style chain necklaces of 40 to 45 cm that fit snugly around the neck are also becoming very popular.

While understanding the characteristics of each, try to find a necklace that suits your style. You may also discover something new by comparing your choice with your daily coordination.

We at AXENT will continue to provide you with great jewelry information in the future. Please look forward to it!

May 29, 2023

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