The accessory trend that will take a step forward this fall/winter is "plump jewelry" with its attractive plump form. Just by adding these to a simple, everyday outfit, you can instantly draw attention to yourself.

プランプジュエリーPlump" means "bulging" or "plump" in English, and is characterized by its rounded shape and unique form. Here are some items that go great with this fall/winter coordinate, especially with knits and coats.

1. wolf circus earrings

The natural round form and smooth curves add a subtle beauty to everyday life. The refined design stands out for its elegance in spite of its compact size.

Wolf Circus - Small Remy フープピアス

Wolf Circus - Small Remy earrings

2. jenny bird earrings

The chunky, rounded shape of these earrings makes them stand out from the crowd. The cute ball-shaped backing makes them perfect from any angle.

Jenny Bird / Tome フープピアス / ミディアム

Jenny Bird - Tome hoop earrings

3. Jenny Bird ear cuff

Three rings of different thicknesses create an elegant look. Wear one or layer them to discover your own unique styling!

Jenny Bird - Tome トリプルイヤーカフ

Jenny Bird - Tome Triple Ear Cuff

4. lee ear cuff

This artistic design, reminiscent of a seashell, adds a sophisticated accent to any outfit and enhances your style.

Ree - Shell Stone イヤーカフ

Ree - Shell Stone ear cuff

Why not add a touch of fun to your fall/winter styling with this season's trendy jewelry? Please look forward to our next update, where we will provide you with more fashionable tips!

November 09, 2023

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