With winter in full swing and the holiday season in full swing, our hearts and minds are excited by the various events and illuminations. The best accessory to make this season shine is still earrings. Unlike necklaces and bracelets, which tend to be hidden by clothes, your ears are always sparkling and attracting attention. Here are some recommendations for great earrings!

Year-end parties, drinks with friends, and other events fill up our schedules this time of year. It's fun to look at all the fashionable people in town and think about what you will wear and how you will style yourself. Let's find earrings that match any occasion, from the office to year-end parties and after-work drinks.

1. Jenny Bird's earrings

Perfect for small events with friends. These gorgeous earrings promise to add impact and style to both dressy and casual outfits.

Jenny Bird - U-Link ピアス

Jenny Bird - U-Link earrings

2. hoop earrings by Luv AJ

For holiday visits to the Christmas market, these elegant earrings blend surprisingly well with a slightly retro sweater or a simple knit dress. This year's plumb jewelry will brighten your mood.

Luv Aj - Ridged Marbella フープピアス

Luv Aj - Ridged Marbella earrings

3. hoop earrings by Wolf Circus

This unisex design is a timeless piece that you will never get tired of. The irregular distortion reflects the light beautifully, and the casual size makes them great for matching with your partner.Wolf Circus - Organic フープピアス

Wolf Circus - Organic hoop earrings

4. mini stud earrings by Studio Adorn

These elegant earrings are perfect for the office and are sure to get heavy use. Although small, the 9ct solid gold gives them a glamorous look, and they can also be used as sub earrings.

Studio Adorn - 9ct Gold Zero Waste Mini Studs ピアス

Studio Adorn - 9ct Gold Mini Studs Earrings

Even in the cold season, you can enjoy styling with your jewelry choices. Stay tuned for the next installment!

December 14, 2023

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