This summer, chokers and necklaces will add style to your look!

Once you know what chokers are all about, you'll be feeling like Matilda in no time. Let's understand the difference between chokers and necklaces and get tips on how to effectively coordinate both!


Justine Clenquet - Hari Choker

Justine Clenquet - Hari Choker

Chokers, named after the English word "choke," are accessories that fit snugly around the neck. Chokers are made from a variety of materials, including cloth, lace, beads, metal, and leather. Chokers made of metal and jewelry were worn in ancient Egypt as a sign of status and power, and were especially popular among upper-class women in the 19th century Victorian era, when black ribbon chokers were in vogue.

Today, chokers are mostly chain-type chokers with a length of 38 cm or less, and a number of brands offer a variety of styles.

Miansai - Pyper Link Puff チョーカー

Miansai - Pyper Link Puff Choker


Wolf Circus - Rose Coin ペンダントネックレス

Wolf Circus - Rose Coin pendant necklace

Necklaces are longer than chokers and are available in a variety of lengths for a more flexible fit. Loved in various forms by people from ancient civilizations to the present day, necklaces were probably one of the first ornaments created by mankind.

Like chokers, they were used as a means of signifying status and wealth, but in modern times they have become a more common accessory due to their versatility and flexibility to suit any style.

Wolf Circus - Kalen ネックレス

Wolf Circus - Kalen chain necklace

Dear Letterman - The Jawhar ネックレス

Dear Letterman - Jawhar necklace

How was your experience? Sometimes it's hard to know what to choose and how to combine them. But that is also the magic of summer! What you choose is your tool to express your style. Be yourself and enjoy your summer!

August 03, 2023

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